How To Get Your Credit Checked For Free in Alberta

Your reputation says a lot about you. Although not necessarily accurate, your reputation reveals the public’s perception of your persona: it’s either you are good or bad. In the financial industry, however, your reputation is always based on your credit information. Credit information is a record of your financial worth.

Your credit information, aside from saying a lot about your financial status, also has implications on your future financial transactions. Creditors, insurers, and lenders will always evaluate your credit applications based on your credit information, and if they discovered negative markings in your credit report, you can expect an “application denied” any time soon.

Where to check your credit

The only way to check your credit information is to request copies of your credit report from any of the three credit report agencies in Alberta. To receive these copies, all you have to do is to fill-up the request forms found on the official website of any of the three credit report agencies. These three major credit report agencies – Equifax Alberta, TransUnion Alberta, and North Credit Bureaus Inc. – do not compare credit information with one another; therefore each one may present a credit report that is different from the others. It is wise to request copies of your credit report from all three credit report agencies. This way, you can compare all credit entries and check each one’s accuracy.

Who can check your credit

You, however, are not the only one who is eligible to access your credit report. Credit report agencies, after much evaluation, may also release copies of your credit report to other parties who need your financial records. Parties who are allowed to view your credit report are financers evaluating you for credit applications, employers considering you for employment, lenders assessing you for loans, agents deliberating you for insurance policies, and government agencies reviewing you for benefits.

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