Canadian Rewards Credit Cards – Are They Worth it?

Is it possible to gain more after spending much? Yes, it is possible… if you have a Canadian rewards credit card. Rewards credit card is a credit card that provides you with exclusive discounts and freebies for every purchase you make using your credit card. This is how it works: For every dollar you spend using your credit card, you will earn corresponding reward points. Once they accumulate, these reward points may be redeemed in the form of credit card rewards like these:

Travel rewards

If your credit card has frequent flyer or Air Miles features, then you may convert your reward points to flyer points. With travel points, you can fly to the country or city of your choice via the credit card company’s sponsor airlines. Travel rewards, however, are not limited to free plane tickets. You may also redeem your reward points in the form of car rentals, hotel accommodations, travel insurance discounts, and package tours.

Merchandise rewards

If you are not a big fan of traveling, you can always choose merchandise rewards to convert your reward points to discounts and freebies. With merchandise rewards, you can get exclusive access to some of the latest retail items that include everything from electronic gadgets and sports equipment to beauty products and designer apparel. If your idea of shopping galore involves the actual visit of malls and stores, then you can also redeem your reward points in the form of retail vouchers and discount certificates.

Entertainment rewards

If your idea of fun involves watching concerts or riding roller coasters, then entertainment rewards are for you. With entertainment rewards, you can convert your reward points into tickets or passes to some of the most amazing performances or most amusing places in the world. Your options in entertainment rewards cover everything from tickets to the hottest theatrical plays and movie screenings to passes to the hippest petting zoos and amusement parks.

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